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Pasadena Paves the Way to Bring the NFL to the Rose Bowl

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After a big, huge, long fight, the Pasadena City Council yesterday approved plans to let the NFL temporarily house an NFL team at the Rose Bowl. The whole thing is extremely hypothetical--first the NFL has to sign off on developer AEG's plans to build a football stadium in Downtown LA, then it has to find a team or two for Los Angeles, then the Rose Bowl would have to be chosen as a temporary home--but still many Pasadenans are all het up over the issue. Very early this morning, the council passed an ordinance that more than doubles the number of big events that can be held every year at the Rose Bowl (to 25) and signed off on an environmental impact report for the plan to bring the NFL to the stadium, reports the Pasadena Star-News (there are still some intermediate steps before these actions become officially official). Locals who spoke against the move are worried about closing off the Rose Bowl as a recreation area during so many events, the potential rowdiness of NFL fans, and of course traffic; supporters say it'll bring jobs and the city itself is psyched to bring in some revenue--its Rose Bowl renovation has had financing problems and run waaaaay over budget. The NFL has already said it won't send a team to LA in 2013, so the earliest would be 2014.
· Pasadena City Council approves NFL plan after granddaddy of a fight at city hall [PSN]

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