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Here's the Hollywood Sign With Two-Thirds of Its Facelift Done

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The "HOLLYW" in the Hollywood Sign has been completely refreshed and the Sign's makeover is on track to meets its December completion date, according to the Hollywood Sign Trust. Work started on October 2 (and we saw some of the letters stripped naked back in late October) on the first major makeover since the sign was installed in its current iteration in 1978. Workers have applied a stripping agent to dissolve the current paint job (up to five coats in some places), pressure washed the letters, then applied primer and two coats of Sherwin-Williams Emerald Exterior paint in High Reflective White (S-W is helping fund the project). The Trust says that "The vivid white finish is visible from a distance," which it'd better be, because, you know, it's a major landmark that everyone who comes to LA wants to see.
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