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Adorable Silver Lake Mid-Century Hits Market for the First Time

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Here's a listing that really knows how to play us like a Stradivarius. For its opening gambit, it goes with the "first time on the market since being built 60 years ago" angle. Next, the photo gallery throws in a smattering of vintage pix from the home's black and white youth--can't go wrong with those. Now that it's got us good and primed, here comes the pink kitchen tile, and it's game over. We're actually writing the rest of this post from the afterlife--hope you're happy now, terminally adorable abode! Sited on a 6,500 square foot lot near Sunset Junction, the Big Bad Wolf-resistant loft-style property features one bedroom, one and three-quarters baths (the listing notes that the three-quarters bath was "most likely added without permits"), hardwood and ceramic tile floors, a living room fireplace, built-in bookcases, central heat and air, a walk-in basement with laundry, a new view deck, and walled courtyard. A trust sale, the 1,248 square foot residence is listed at an asking price of $650,000.
· 1633 REDCLIFF St Los Angeles, CA 90026 [Official site]