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SaMo Approves New Housing On Site of Beloved Trailer Park

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The quirky and beloved Village Trailer Park is on its way out in Santa Monica--last week, the city council approved plans (after two days of debate) for the mixed-use East Village project, which will take over 99 trailer spots (there'll be 10 left). According to the Santa Monica Mirror, the trailer park is "one of Santa Monica's oldest communities" (plus it appeared in Shortcuts!) and that the battle over its demise has been going on for six years now. Over the summer, developer Marc Luzzatto downsized the plan from 438 residential units in four buildings to 377 units in three buildings; he's also switching up the bedroom mix. The project will have 161 apartments and 216 condos. In addition to concerns over losing the trailer park housing, neighbors also battled East Village over the usuals, like traffic.
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East Village

2930 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA