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Fox Inglewood Theatre on Its Way to National Register, UCLA Architecture Gets Playa Vista Outpost

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[Photos by Don Solosan/LAHTF]

INGLEWOOD: Our pals at the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation pass on news that the forever-in-limbo Fox Inglewood has been recommended for designation to the National Register of Historic Places by California's State Historical Resources Commission. The Fox has been closed since the mid-'80s, but is "in an amazingly good state of preservation," according to the LAHTF, which has been pushing to have it turned into a multi-purpose venue for the city. Meanwhile, take a little look around up above. [Curbed Inbox]

PLAYA VISTA: UCLA Architecture and Urban Design has announced a rejiggering of its Master of Architecture II post-professional program (aka Suprastudio) for 2013-14--first of all they're opening up a new Advanced Technologies Lab at the Hercules Campus in Playa Vista (the lab is sponsored by Toyota). Then they're also expanding the program from 15 students to 45. And finally, they've gotten big-big name studio instructors: Frank Gehry, Thom Mayne, and Greg Lynn. Chair Hitoshi Abe says the new Suprastudio "will allow students to pivot out from traditional architecture to discover new applications for architectural expertise." [UCLA Newsroom]


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