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City Seeking Fancy New Convention Center-Adjacent Hotel

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There are all kinds of hotel projects underway or on their way in South Park (boutiquey on Spring Street, budget at the double Marriott across from the Ritz-Carlton/Marriott, perhaps mixed-use at Olympic and Fig), but city officials are hungry for more and more rooms to help juice activity at the nearby LA Convention Center. Councilmember Jose Huizar announced today that LA is now looking for a developer to put up something high-end on a one-acre site at Pico and Figueroa, right between the Convention Center and Staples Center (and at the epicenter of the possible future NFL stadium/Convention Center redevelopment project). The city currently owns three parcels right at the northeast corner of Pico and Fig and its "preferred alternative for the future development of the site is a four star or boutique hotel, which would meet or exceed LEED Silver certification, as well as maximize the developable area and the potential acquisition of surrounding parcels for a larger development." So this thing could get even bigger.

The Request For Proposals (pdf) for the development emphasizes that the site is right next to the Blue/Expo Line stop and says that any "proposed project should use design elements that incorporate pedestrian and multi-modal transit orientation and ground floor commercial uses."

Developer teams will have to turn in their proposals by January 4, 2013.
· Property Sale for future Hotel Development on Corner of West Pico Boulevard and South Figueroa Street (pdf) [LABAVN]