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It's Not Easy Turning Highland Park's York Boulevard Green

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Planning nerds rejoice: the Highland Park-Mount Washington Patch reports that City Councilman Jose Huizar just released a 100-page document culling years of local input on improvements to Highland Park's main drag, York Boulevard. The report--known as the York Boulevard & Improvement Plan--lays out a pedestrian and bike-friendly blueprint for the street's future, an "overarching vision for York Boulevard, which includes pedestrian and bicyclist friendly streets complete with shade trees and a range of places to "shop, eat, sit and relax.'" As for immediate plans, there's a parklet coming in front of the hardware store--that'll convert a no-parking zone and 30 foot long stretch of sidewalk into a pedestrian plaza. Meanwhile, an empty lot at York and Avenue 50 will become a public park, thanks to a $2.85 million grant from the state. Some Patch commenters accuse the lot of being unsafe since the Environmental Protection Agency says it still has trace remains of a toxic compound--though the compound is only dangerous if consumed, so no eating the dirt. Meanwhile, a local York grocer argues that the bike lanes will slow traffic and prevent new customers from coming to his.
· City Releases York Vision Plan to Public [HPMW Patch]