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Live in Joey Tribbiani's Beachwood Canyon Bachelor Pad

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While it's been firmly established that the Friends apartment would be well beyond the reach of most regular folks, such is not the case with the residence featured in the hit sitcom's 2004 spin-off, Joey. Now you too can live like Joey Tribbiani--should you aspire to--in Beachwood Canyon's mid-century Monroe Manor complex. Per this Craigslist posting, the available two-story unit features two bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, vintage tile, a washer and dryer, A/C, gated entry, and "parking for up to 5 cars or 2 limos." Monthly rent for the 1,200 square foot apartment is $2,500.
· $2500 / 2br - 1200ft² - Joey's Bachelor Pad! [Craigslist]