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USC Fraternity House Gets Dwell-Worthy Makeover

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Images via LA Times

You know what those stark, pristine rooms on Unhappy Hipsters need? Someone in the middle doing a baller kegstand. The brothers at USC's Phi Sigma Kappa obviously agree--their mid-century house on Greek Row has just gotten a sexy contemporary remodel from Mass Architecture, reports the LA Times. Gone are the bongs, graffiti, courtyard mattresses, and stripper pole; here are two-story windows, new metal staircases, built-in metal lofts, concrete floors, a salad bar, and Ikea bathroom furniture. The team, which also included Central Area Planning Commission president/PSK alum Frank Acevedo, "painted signage, such as the fraternity's crest, directly onto the walls to discourage theft or vandalism." They did the whole project in just two months over summer break and the brothers moved in at the beginning of this semester.
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