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LAPD Thinks Bike Valets Could Curb DTLA's Bike Thieves

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Bikes are hot property in Downtown these days. Nearly 120 have been reported stolen in just the past four months, blogdowntown reports, and now the LAPD is trying a new approach: establishing a Downtown-wide bike valet. The police are encouraging businesses that have room to store bikes to do so for a minimal fee--hotels and restaurants that already have car valets likely have safe spots to hold bikes, e.g. a garage or a spot near a valet stand. Two Downtown bike shops, one on Broadway and another on Hill, have agreed to offer valet service and are offering discounts on those hard-to-break U-locks. Speaking of locks, here's an interesting note on the spate of bike thefts: "Nearly every bike that's been stolen in recent months was because a rider had left it unlocked or unattended, or it was secured with a easily penetrable lock."
· LAPD pushes for DTLA 'bike valets' to help curb high bike theft rates [blogdowntown]