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LA Tourism Board Beats Vegas, New Little Tokyo Intersection

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THE INTERNET: Let's journey deep into the Local Tourism Board Wars, where LA has just won a major victory, becoming the first city to top one million Facebook friends. In your face, Myrtle Beach! And also in yours, second place Las Vegas, which obviously has some serious tourism juice. To celebrate, Discover LA (our tourism board) made an infographic--check out the full thing below. [Curbed Inbox]

LITTLE TOKYO: Last week, the city unveiled Frances Hashimoto Plaza in Little Tokyo, at the intersection of Azusa Street and Second Street. Hashimoto was born in an Arizona interment camp during World War II, but died just a few weeks ago as one of the Little Tokyo's most well-known business figures--she oversaw the Mikawaya pastry shops and was the first female chair of the Nisei Week Festival. She's also credited with popularizing mochi ice cream. There are now signs marking the plaza at Azusa and Second, which City Councilmembers Perry and Huizar are hoping to rename Frances Hashimoto Way. [Curbed Inbox]