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Goodbye Renters Week, Mass Transportation Follies

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[Installation of life size animal sculptures by Gwynn Murrill in Century City.]

This Week's Top Stories: Say goodbye to Curbed's Renters Week for the year 2012, but before you do let's remember it. Curbed went inside the party for Rick Caruso's new luxurious apartments at 8500 Burton Way in Beverly Hills. We all went comparison shopping to see what $5,000/month in rent could get you around Los Angeles. A nice young man/crossover porn star by the name of James Deen shared his favorite rental experience, including how booze can often overcome apprehension of landlords. In other news, a group of westside NIMBYs opposed to at grade crossings of the Expo Line Phase II had their legal challenge to halt work on the line rejected by the California Supreme Court. UCLA students resort to foul language to attack USC in ongoing football prank rivalry. Speaking of foul language, the construction of the high-speed rail corridor through Southern California will involve some crazy shit -- skyscraper high viaducts and tunnels 500 feet deep. In celebrity news, James Franco has purchased a delightful little duplex in Silver Lake.