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A Renters Guide to Mid-City, the Next Highland Park

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All Renters Week long we'll be looking at some of the most happening rental neighborhoods in Los Angeles. We've seen Highland Park, North Hollywood, and Mar Vista, South Park, and now finally Mid-City.

We began the week with a guide to Highland Park, so it's only fitting to close it out with a look at the neighborhood Curbed readers dubbed "the next Highland Park." That's right Mid-City, we're looking at you.

The neighborhood: It's not entirely correct to say that Mid-City is on the road to gentrification. Some parts, like Pickfair Village, are already there, and Lafayette Square to the east has always been well-to-do. But readers may have picked a winner in Mid-City. A central location, proximity to the Expo line, and affordable apartments are a great start, and beyond the nice retail strip on Pico east of Fairfax and the new Midtown Crossing development, there's plenty of room for things to improve further.

Highlights: Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, Tacos Leo taco truck, Ethiopian restaurant Awash (and the rest of Little Ethiopia just north of Mid-City), Pips on La Brea, Paper or Plastik Cafe.

Who lives there: Sweeping generalizations about Mid-City are tough, as it's one of the most diverse and densely populated parts of LA. That said, the hipster quotient is low and folks seem to like the community feel.

Rental stock: There's a dearth of studio and one-bedroom Craigslistings in Mid-City right now, but the two-bedrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most buildings are mid-century or earlier and tend to be on the larger side, especially for the rent. If new build is your thing, Mid-City may not be your best bet, but there're plenty of good choices, especially for the price.

Can spend a bit more? Try: Mid-Wilshire

Want to spend a little less? Try: Koreatown

Sample rentals
-- A smallish two-bedroom apartment with plentiful closet space near the 10 for $1,350
-- Nice looking two-bedroom apartment, with the listing promising 1950s tiling in the kitchen and bathroom, for $1,395
-- Large two-bedroom apartment with nice tiling and built-ins, plus three walk-in closets, for $1,595
-- Very large and bright two-bedroom apartment with built in shelving and outdoor space for $2,675
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