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New Wildlife Along Ave. of the Stars to Humanize Century City

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A set of animal sculptures placed along Avenue of the Stars has just made its official debut at noon today (although they've been in place for about
a week) and we've already gotten multiple emails asking what the deal is. The 22 "life-size bronze animal sculptures" were made by artist Gwynn Murrill and include "wild coyotes, tigers, deer, panthers, big horn sheep, horse and an eagle depicted in flight," according to a press release. There's also been new landscaping installed for the occasion. The project is brought to you by the Century City Chamber of Commerce Art Council's Sculpture Committee (who knew?) and are intended to humanize the overwhelmingly glassy and steely neighborhood: "It is easy to think of Century City as only a business center with skyscrapers ... But it is truly a center of arts and culture in Los Angeles. Our vision is to celebrate the human side of Century City by integrating Gwynn's masterful sculptures in a setting that complements and accentuates the surrounding landscape and architecture," says the sculpture committee's chair (who is also a sponsor of the exhibition). The whole thing was private funded through donations and the animals will be in place along the median until October 2013.
· Gwynn Murrill Art Installation on Avenue of the Stars - Century City [Samuel Bendall Photography]