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Vote For LA's Worst Rental Horror Story

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We've spent the past few days sharing Curbed LA readers' rental horror stories as part of a network-wide contest. So whose horror story is the most horrible? Now is the time to decide! This poll will be open until 11 am tomorrow morning; voting irregularities will be strictly policed. The winner of this poll will advance to the national round, where Los Angeles's best horror storyteller will have a shot at winning a month's rent (up to $2,500) (standard contest rules apply). Before the vote, let's recap the week's tales:

Contestant #1: Cars Kept Flying Off Mulholland at Canyon Rental House
"During our years of renting this house, cars careened over Mulholland on a regular basis, once a month. It usually happened during a dinner party. One of our daughters would announce, "A car just flipped over our hill again!" It made for weird entertainment each time."

Contestant #2: A Landlord's Filthy Disgusting Professional Young Tenants
"Their place looked like a homeless shelter. Their toilet was streaked black-orange-brown, it had never been cleaned. They had roaches crawling all over their toilet and hanging out in the shower like they owned the place. There was even a dead roach dangling from a spider web in the kitchen."

Contestant #3: A Guy Actually Died and Was Left For Days in This Apartment
"The tenant was indeed dead for upto 10-12 days in the apartment, where he was mildly decomposed and body fluids had in fact seeped through the carpet into the cement flooring."

Contestant #4: A Band of Meth Heads Moves In Without Renter's Permission
"Occasionally one of them would come knocking on my door. Explaining about their 'meticulous notes' and how they needed to pawn the microwave or whatever because my housemate (the actual legal housemate that brought them all in) owed them money. Eventually the mob kicked the real housemate out for a few weeks. He made good somehow and came back, only to be arrested. Turns out that he had pulled a museum heist. He stole $20,000 or so worth of books and specimens from the natural history museum."

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