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A Renters Guide to Downtown's Amenity-Packed South Park

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All Renters Week long we'll be looking at some of the most happening rental neighborhoods in Los Angeles. We've seen Highland Park, North Hollywood, and Mar Vista, now to South Park.

The go-go noughties saw Downtown's South Park grow up before our eyes. The neighborhood has been utterly transformed since the opening of Staples Center back in 1999 and LA Live in 2007. And while the recession may have slowed the pace of development, the neighborhood looks to be bouncing back thanks to several big projects in the works. The NFL may not be ready to commit to sending a team to the neighborhood, but if you're a diehard LA sports fan working Downtown who'd like--and can afford--to call an amenity-laden building home, South Park might just be the spot for you.

The neighborhood: Given the big money behind South Park's regeneration, the neighborhood doesn't have a lot of what one might call local flavor. Some variation of "walking distance to LA Live, Staples Center, Ralphs" appears in many rental listings, a line which may not drive all prospective renters wild. Restaurants and bars tend to be of the chain (or mini chain) variety, like Rosa Mexicana, ESPN Zone, and The Palm, though neighborhood fave Hygge bakery is an independent. And just over the border is the heart of Downtown.

Rental stock: A mix of new construction and rehabbed old industrial and office buildings, with a lot of lofts. Many buildings are packed with goodies like pools, sundecks, fully-loaded fitness centers, and 24-hour concierge, which means South Park living is not cheap.

Can afford to spend a little more? Try: stuffing your mattress with $100 bills.

Can afford to spend a little less? Try: the Arts District

Sample rentals
-- Small studio loft with more industrial elements than much of the competition for $1,680
-- Large live/work space with tile floors in an amenity-light building for $2,795
-- A large one-bedroom apartment for rent in the Ritz at LA Live for "only $5,500"
-- Bright and airy two-bedroom condo for rent in the LUMA complex for $4,500 --Eve Bachrach
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