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Lots of Cops and Bikes in Fake LA of Grand Theft Auto V

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LOS SANTOS: Rockstar Games has released the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, which is set in a fictional Los Angeles/Southern California (with a little NorCal thrown in), and it looks pretty awesome. The world of the game is huge, about five times bigger than the last Grand Theft Auto (and, according to IGN, "about three-and-a-half times bigger than the sprawling deserts of Red Dead Redemption."). IGN says the fake LA of Los Santos "has a very different vibe compared to Liberty City [the fake NYC of GTAIV]. It's more open, less claustrophobic, and it feels more relaxed even though it's just as busy, if not more so." Apparently there's also a very heavy cop presence. Players will be able to switch among the game's three protagonists (an ex-gangster, a repo man, and some kind of psychopath) and wander around areas including Rockford Hills and the Alamo Sea (sounds like Beverly and Salton, respectively). And very appropriate for the LA of today: you'll be able to ride (and presumably steal) a mountain bike. [Rockstar/IGN]