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UCLA Spells "Eff SC" on Dorm in Lights For Rivalry Week

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Yay, it's the week before the UCLA/USC football game and the schools are stepping up the rivalry this year. Historically, pranksters have gone after the Bruin statue on the UCLA campus and the Tommy Trojan statue at USC, but both of those are under wraps--the Bruin sits under a box and Tommy is shrouded with students standing sentry. So pranksters have branched out. USC vandalized a UCLA sign at the northern entrance of the Westwood campus, crossing out the "L" and "A" with red paint and adding an "S" to make USC, reports KTLA, which adds that "Surrounding the sign, red and yellow spray paint seemingly depict two penises." Meanwhile, UCLA went big, spelling out "FUCK SC" in lights on a dorm, according to TMZ.
· UCLA Entrance Sign Vandalized to Read "USC" [KTLA]
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