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New Look For Expo-Adjacent Retail The Platform in Culver City

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The art set in Culver City bid adieu to the Branded Arts Building this weekend, with a party held in the mural-covered structure near Washington and National, across the street from the Expo Line light rail station. The Culver City Times reports that the BAB, used as a temporary gallery, is coming down in January to make way for developer Joseph Miller's upscale retail concept The Platform (likely akin to Hollywood's Space1520; see renderings). While it will be nice to see this area come alive--there is already one other development starting early work and another planned--the well-executed murals at this corner will be missed. Miller allowed artists like Meggs, Miss Van, Robert Standish, Herakut, and Andrew Hem to decorate the BAB and nearby buildings while he got The Platform plans approved by the city. Ah, the pains of progress.
· Celebrate the Branded Arts Buidling in Culver City This Saturday [Culver City Times]