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UCLA Students Go Hard on Lautner, Walking DTLA to the Beach

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WESTWOOD: For Renters Week, our pals at Curbed National check out the reviews for Westwood's Sheats Apartments, designed by John Lautner as "utopian student housing" and commissioned in 1948 by Paul and Helen Sheats, who later had Lautner design the first iteration of the fabulous Sheats-Goldstein House. Turns out the UCLA housing is full of crazy partiers, mold, broken windows, and drug-related crime. Plus there's a scary landlady. Even Michael Dukakis weirdly drank the haterade on this place. On the upside: very lovely Lautner! [Curbed National]

LOS ANGELES: It's time again for the Great Los Angeles Walk, the no-good-reason, miles-long trek through the streets of LA from Downtown to the beach. The walk started as a walk down Wilshire, but for this seventh annual edition, it'll mainly follow Melrose--walkers will start at Walt Disney Concert Hall and head down First/Beverly, up Virgil, across Melrose and down Santa Monica. That's a total of 17 miles. Stay limber. [Curbed Inbox]


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