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Curbed LA's Second Annual Renters Week Begins Right Now

It's finally here: Curbed LA's second annual Renters Week, exploring the thrilling world of Los Angeles rentals. Throughout the week, we'll have interviews, lists, and maps full of rental goodness, as well as neighborhood guides, and stories good and bad--those include the LA entries for Curbed's national rental horror stories contest, in which the winner will be rewarded for their troubles with a month's rent (up to $2,500).

But of course we need your help. The horror stories contest is still open for submissions (send 'em to Meanwhile, have you had a wonderful or ridiculous renting experience? Have you spotted a funny/awful/entertaining Craigslist listing? Do send those our way, too. And if you're a landlord, we'd definitely like to hear from you. Happy Renters Week!