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Rich Broad Beach's Plans to Harvest Sand From Manhattan

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Details have been released on superwealthy Broad Beach's plans to raid sands from Manhattan Beach and other areas to help shore up its rapidly-eroding beach--the Malibu homeowners along Broad have voted to tax themselves to pay for the project. According to an analysis by the State Lands Commission, about 500,000 cubic yards of sand would be taken from a 27-acre L-shaped plot off MB; that sand would then be moved in "up to 500 barge trips and 270-small vessel trips," according to Malibu Patch. They're also eyeing sand off Ventura Harbor and Dockweiler Beach. Broad plans to take fine sand from its own off-shore Trancas deposit as well--that'd be used to make sand dunes "and would be placed over an existing, emergency rock wall that was rushed into place several years ago to protect houses." Apparently the whole project "is expected to provide relief between 10 to 20 years for up to 114 threatened homes." Plenty of time to come up with a permanent solution, right?

The Daily Breeze reports that "The replenishment project hasn't been well-received in Manhattan Beach, where the City Council decided several weeks ago to send the Lands Commission a letter voicing its opposition to losing offshore sand." The city plans to submit additional comments on the SLC report; feedback on that is due by November 16. The Commission plans to consider the project on December 5.
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