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What $5,000 in Rent Will Get You in 6 LA Neighborhoods

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The same amount of rent means many different things in many different neighborhoods--so today we're exploring what a spendy $5,000 or so can get you in six different LA neighborhoods.

Location: Venice, on a walk street
Rent: $4,750
Beds: 4
Plus: Front porch, hardwood floors, den/office, garage, laundry.

Location: Bel Air, Roscomare Street
Rent: $4,850
Beds/baths: 3/2.5
Plus: Marble floors, two fireplaces, "top of the line fridge," microwave, washer/dryer, two-car garage, "state of the art showers," backyard, bar area, walk-in closets.

Location: Encino, on La Maida
Rent: $5,000
Beds/baths: 5/3
Plus: Hardwood floors, patio, balcony.

Location: Fairfax, 147 N. Vista St.
Rent: $4,950
Beds/baths: 3/2
Plus: Hardwood floors, central heat and A/C, dining room with wetbar, eat-in kitchen, yard with fruit trees, two-car garage.

Location: Malibu, 6487 Cavalleri Rd.
Rent: $4,800
Beds/baths: 2/2
Plus: In the Villa Malibu, which has cover parking, a pool, a fitness center, a tennis court, and storage. Unit has a fireplace, a dining room washer/dryer, and a balcony.

Location: Hollywood Hills
Rent: $4,950
Beds/baths: 4/2.5
Plus: Dining room, fireplace, dishwasher, two-car garage, washer/dryer, sauna, phone system with intercom, built-in sound system, central heating and A/C.