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Becoming LA's New Steel Canopy, Hollywoodland's New Plaques

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EXPOSITION PARK: Installation work has begun at the Natural History Museum's new Becoming Los Angeles hall, which will tell 500 years of LA history. The permanent exhibit will wind through four galleries and feature "a visually striking powder-coated steel canopy symbolizing the sweep of history and ushering visitors through the exhibit's six major sections." Objects will range from an inscribed sword from the Mexican War of Independence to the animation stand Walt Disney built in his uncle's Los Feliz garage in 1923. A team of 74 engineers, designers, and fabricators is working on Becoming Los Angeles, which is set to open next summer. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOODLAND: The bronze plaques ("Hollywoodland Est. 1923") that mark the gateway to Hollywoodland were stolen a year and a half ago and now the neighborhood is finally getting some new ones. According to the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association newsletter, Time Warner Communications is donating two new plaques; no word on an unveiling date yet. [Curbed Inbox]