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Craziest Comments From the NFL at the Rose Bowl Report

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The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed temporary stay of an NFL team at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena has been released. The Rose Bowl is being considered as a holding spot while Farmers Field or some other permanent home is built. As you can imagine, Pasadenans are all over this hotly contested issue and have sent in comments to the City opposing or approving of (but mostly opposing) the plan. Those comments, most being full of reasonable arguments and facts and data, are great, but what's even better are the comments full of paranoia (charcoal at tailgate events will start car fires!) or the comments straight up opposing the plan because of the possibility that the Raiders and their fans might show up. Special love also to those comments from the angry citizenry that used excessive CAPS. We compiled our favorite comments in the gallery above.
· Pasadena releases Rose Bowl EIR late Friday [Star-News]
· Stadium Wars: NFL to the Rose Bowl [Curbed LA]

Farmers Field

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Rose Bowl

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