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Lawsuit Against Downtown NFL Stadium Dropped In Exchange For Parks and Affordable Housing

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A lawsuit that could've halted the proposed Downtown NFL stadium has turned into a big old kumbaya-fest--stadium developer AEG has agreed to a bunch of community improvements and the Play Fair Coalition has dropped its legal challenge to the state law that expedites any lawsuits against the project known as Farmers Field (we know, it's complicated). AEG president Tim Leiweke says: "This began as a legal negotiation but soon evolved into a cooperative dialogue about how we could work together." Awww. KPCC reports that "AEG has agreed to a wide range of community benefits and measures, including air quality improvement projects, improvements serving bus riders, additional parks and open space, and a community team to promote health in the surrounding area," as well as a $15 million Housing Trust Fund that would help build affordable housing in the neighborhood. Another group that had been threatening to sue the stadium project has also traded friendship bracelets with AEG. Now all AEG has to do is convince the NFL that it should get a football team or two.
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