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The Making of LACMA's Kubrick-Themed Halloween Party

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Parties: we like them! Invite us to yours!

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

MIRACLE MILE: Last night, LACMA held its annual Muse Ball--this year, the event was Stanley Kubrick-themed in honor of the Kubrick show that opened today in the Art of the Americas Building (which is terrific, check it out). Sypher Studios arranged the atmosphere: there were Eyes Wide Shut-inspired dancers in the BP Grand Entrance, creepy twins and an ax-wielding Jack Torrance from The Shining in the LACMA West lobby, and an A Clockwork Orange milk bar lounge in the LACMA West penthouse. (LACMA West, incidentally, will soon be converted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences's movie museum.) In the Central Court, DJ Daedalus spun in front of a "Archimedes," "a robotic wall of moving mirrors" made by Daedalus and Emmanuel Baird. Plus, LA treasure/Film Independent curator Elvis Mitchell hosted a costume contest. Up above, check out photos from Sypher's workshop (taken Monday) and from the party. [Curbed Staff]

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