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LA Buses Now Covered in Readable Barbara Kruger Art

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Orange buses are lovely and everything, but the traffic scene can always use a changeup--now there are buses driving around covered in graphic, typey Barbara Kruger pieces (Kruger designed the piece inside the elevator in LACMA's BCAM building). The LA Fund for Public Education (which helps fund LAUSD programs) is smothering the city buses and billboards for an exhibition called Arts Matter: "the campaign will feature original works of art on city buses and outdoor advertising by some of Los Angeles' most renowned artists," starting yesterday with Kruger. The Daily News reports that officials are hoping it "will draw attention, and contributions, to the district's arts programs, which have been slashed as state funding declined during the recession." A couple of billboard companies have donated about $4 million in space "on billboards, Metro buses, bus shelters and other outdoor venues."
· LAUSD to promote arts education on city buses, billboards [LADN]