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Penthouse at the Old Bank District's Rowan Lofts Asking $650k

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The Old Bank District's Rowan Lofts always seem like a favorite of the Historic Core (although not so popular they didn't go to a bulk auction back in 2008), so we expect big things for this "upgraded" penthouse units. The 1912 building was designed by John Parkinson, who with his son was also responsible for City Hall and the LA Memorial Coliseum. Per the listing, this unit has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, "18 foot Brick walls and a barreled ceiling," a skylight, fancy audio and television equipment, and a Mills Act preservation tax break. Asking price is $650,000; two parking spaces are available to lease for $300 per month.
· 460 South SPRING St Unit PENHSE 06 [Redfin]
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Rowan Lofts

460 S. Spring St. , Los Angeles, CA Visit Website