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It's Official: People Drove More During Carmageddon II

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When the first Carmageddon shut down ten miles of the 405 Freeway in July 2011, the air was sparkling clean, people walked and biked, and world peace was declared. The most recent shutdown--for the demolition of the Mulholland Drive Bridge and other pieces of the 405 widening project, which will add a northbound carpool lane--was a different story, according to numbers from Caltrans and reported by Patch. During Carmageddon I, there was a 12 percent reduction in the miles traveled throughout LA County from the prior Saturday, while its sequel reduced driving by less than half that: there was a 5.4 percent drop from the Saturday before. That's a 7.5 percent increase over Carmageddon I. Meanwhile, traffic delays that reduced freeway speeds below 55 miles per hour dropped by 55 percent for Carma I, but by only 22 percent for Carma II. The lesson: Carma I went way too well.
· Caltrans: L.A. County Drove More During Second Carmageddon [Patch]