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CityTarget and Remodeled FIGat7th Center Open This Week

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Downtown is a atwitter with the imminent arrival of the area's first Target store (it opens at 8 am on Sunday with a press preview tomorrow)--this one takes the form of a CityTarget, a smaller, more urban version of the typical store. The DTLA CityTarget will anchor an updated shopping center redesigned by Gensler (for $40 million) and now named FIGat7th. The Downtown News reports that the 104,000 square foot CityTarget takes up a third of FIGat7th, which now greets the Figueroa sidewalk with a grand stairway leading directly to Target, while "the large metal frame that once hovered above the mall has been replaced with a glass canopy and twin columns sheathed in glass." A groundfloor food court with new restaurants like The Melt and Sprinkles opens in December.

While the hope is that many people walk or take transit to Target, carrying a flat screen on the subway isn't ideal. The parking situation looks to be manageable, with 500 spaces reserved for FIGat7th shoppers in a garage behind the mall. "When it comes to bringing goods to the car, Target is echoing a plan in effect at a New York City store. After hitting the check-out line, customers can leave their items with a Target employee while they get their vehicle. They then drive to a ground floor loading area and the purchases are delivered to the car." Oh, and don't forget to check out the "City Love" section, where you can find all kinds of DTLA tourist crap.


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