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LAPD Says It Finally Has Its Dying Lawn Problem Nearly Solved

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New problems, new blame, and new promises at the sad LAPD headquarters lawn, which has been a brown mess pretty much since it opened in 2009 (a gala destroyed the sprinkler system a few weeks after the debut). The LAPD is now saying the contractor put in the wrong soil mixture; on top of that, the city never really had the money to keep up the park in the first place (the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council has been sending in volunteers to help). According to the LA Daily News, "trees recently started falling over and sinking into the ground"--"The problems have centered on the lawn to the west of the building where plants have grown wild, and on the south lawn where dead vegetation is rampant." (A prankster recently labeled a cluster of palm trees at the site as an artwork called "Thirsty Palms" by Chris Burden: "This purposely under-watered palm grove ... was installed here in sympathy with all those whose daily existence is a struggle for survival.")

The contractor agreed to replace the soil at its own cost and now the city is working on a new plan that'll add more native plants--those will start going in in the next six weeks or so. There's also new money in the budget for the Department of Rec and Parks to start maintaining the park.
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