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Prefab Hits SaMo's Fancy Adelaide, Medallions For Little Tokyo

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First photo by Elaine Koenig; rest by Elizabeth Daniels

SANTA MONICA: Fancy prefab company LivingHomes (which also goes affordable, as with their house benefitting Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation), was installing a house last month on fancy Adelaide Drive near Seventh Street in Santa Monica. Curbed photog Elizabeth Daniels caught the hot installation action and tells us it'll be a two-story house with a basement that'll look into Santa Monica Canyon. [Curbed Staff]

LITTLE TOKYO: Last week, Little Tokyo was set to get a set of colorful "Folding Fan" medallions on 40 of its streetlamps on First, Second, Third, San Pedro, Los Angeles, and South central. The fans are by artist Sonia Romero and "direct visitors to the wealth of shops, businesses, and cultural landmarks found within the district." [Curbed Inbox]