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LA is Too Expensive, No Endeavour Street Parties

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The Blvd6200 Construction Site

Week in Review: This week we learned that Los Angeles is too expensive for most Angelenos to continue living here, but there are solutions including more density and better transit connections. Speaking of density, a slew of construction projects (mapped for your convenience) around LA is turning once blighty or underutilized lots into shiny new things -- it's a construction boom! Culver City unveiled its hot new tourist trap/landmark, a 94-foot tall rainbow located on the Sony Lot. A piece of music history is now available for sale as the Topanga Skyline Studio on Old Topanga Canyon Road is now on the market for $899k. When he was just a wee lad, famed local architect Eric Owen Moss designed a duplex in Playa del Rey that is now on the market for close to $2 million. With the paperwork and City Council voting now completed, AEG is now on the hunt for an NFL team to occupy Farmer's Field. A survey of single people in LA discovers why we're all single -- most of us are awful and have expectations that can never be met. A discussion about why LA is so hot and humid this summer and a plea to God to make it end is now moot, as the 70's have returned to LA this weekend. Now in need of something to complain about, we've all focused our attention on the bummer news that sidewalks will be closed as the Shuttle Endeavour is driven through town. Booo!!!