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Sarandon Brings Ping-Pong to DTLA, Organic Shop on Broadway, Los Feliz's New Storefront, Espresso on Virgil

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DOWNTOWN: It was only a matter of time--Susan Sarandon is bringing SPiN, her hipper-than-thou NYC ping-pong nightclub, to DTLA (food and drinks are also served). Partnering with hotelier André Balazs, Sarandon will open a branch of the club in late November at Balazs's The Standard Downtown. Should you want to become a member, prepare to fork over $500 for an annual membership.

DOWNTOWN: To the east, Broadway continues its march toward absolute gentrification with the opening of Om Nom Organics, a convenience store with a focus on organic and natural products. Located between Eighth and Ninth, the store is planned to open in mid-October.

LOS FELIZ: A cute neighborhood offering has opened on Hollywood Boulevard. Appropriately called Storefront, the grab-and-go venue offers sandwiches and breakfast treats and comes from the fellas behind Salt's Cure.

SILVER LAKE: Virgil is getting a hip coffee place from folks formerly associated with Intelligentsia. G&B Coffee was set to open today just north of Melrose, with lots of iced coffee and tea offerings and treats like fried brioche slathered in butter and jam and homemade almond milk.
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