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Glendale's Hot Halloween 'Hood Closed to Outsiders This Year

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Kenneth Road in Northwest Glendale is wealthy, flat, and well-decorated, and so predictably the neighborhood is swarmed on Halloween. About 3,000 trick-or-treaters showed up last year, according to the Glendale News-Press. And where there are trick-or-treaters, there are shenanigans: "Residents reported egging incidents, overturned trash cans, an abundance of trash on the streets and broken light fixtures and sprinklers ... Some teens were drinking alcohol, using drugs and looking for girls." Those punks. Anyway, so this year, they're shutting the whole damn thing down to outsiders--Kenneth Road will be closed to non-local vehicle traffic between Grandview Road and Highland Avenue on Wednesday, with additional patrolling to the east on Pacific Avenue.There will also be all kinds of cops on the beat (uniformed and plain-clothed) making sure no one meets any girls and enforcing a 10 pm curfew for anyone under 18. Furthermore, many of the residents plan to stop giving out candy after 8 pm. Here are some other neighborhoods you can consider terrorizing instead.
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