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Magic Castle Getting Its Own Movie and Maybe a Video Game

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The Magic Castle is notoriously secretive--the private magician's club is invite-only and photos are verboten--but now all of a sudden it's looking to take a much higher profile with a movie and a new agent. (It's probably most famous currently as the basis for the Gothic Castle on Arrested Development.) The Hollywood Reporter reports that producer Ted Field (Revenge of the Nerds, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Bad Teacher, and also Kazaam) is developing a feature on the club for 20th Century Fox. There are no details yet on what that film might be at all like, but they've certainly got a great setting to work with: the landmarked 1909 mansion on Franklin with "many stages, labyrinthine corridors and old-fashioned decor." (The building, incidentally, suffered a fire a year ago tomorrow.) Meanwhile, in a move straight out of AD, the club's holding company, Magic Castles Inc., has signed to CAA, which intends to find it "opportunities ? in areas including television, film, live events, video games, digital media and merchandising." A Magic Castle video game! Magic Castle-branded Aztec Tombs!
· Hollywood's Magic Castle Getting Movie Treatment From Producer Ted Field [THR]

Magic Castle

7001 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028