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Two Huge WeHo Mixed-Users Arrive Late 2013/Early 2014

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Renderings via Monarch

Anyone who's traversed La Brea has been witness to the megaprojects going up at Santa Monica Boulevard (replacing a crusty Carl's Jr.) and Fountain Avenue (the former Jons grocery store)--those unformed fetuses will eventually become mixed-use projects from developer Monarch, bringing 187 units and 19,559 square feet of retail to Fountain, and 184 units and 13,350 square feet of retail to SMB. West Hollywood mayor Jeffrey Prang gives us an update on the projects in his newsletter, first saying that the management and construction team for Fountain will begin parking in the project's underground garage by December, while the team building the SMB development will start parking underground by January--this is good news to the people surely complaining to Prang about the street parking situation. So when will these monoliths finish? Fountain wraps up work in December 2013 (started work September 2011) and SMB wraps in March 2014 (began early this year).
· Jeffrey Prang [City of West Hollywood]
· Monarch Group Archives [Curbed LA]

Fountain & La Brea

Fountain Ave. & N. La Brea Ave., West Hollywood, CA