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Peep the Small Space Showhouse at The Hollywood Condos

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Want to check out The Hollywood condos, help out the A+D Museum, and see a bunch of designers going nuts in a small space? California Home+Design can help with that--their Small Space Big Style showhouse is running now a penthouse at the Stephen Kanner-designed condo building, with work from seven local designers in the 1,400 square foot space. And the "small" thing is pretty smart: "As more and more people flock to city centers up and down the state, we believe now is the time to demonstrate the powerful impact that thoughtful design can have on life in urban environments ? the biggest luxury in life isn't square footage, it's inspiration." Meanwhile, some of the proceeds from ticket sales to the showhouse will go to the A+D Architecture and Design Museum (cofounded by Kanner).

The showhouse is open until November 18.

Here are the designers:
-- Christopher Kennedy: Living & Dining Room
-- Azadeh Shladovsky: Kitchen & Bathroom
-- Molly Luetkemeyer: Mezzanine
-- Erinn Valencich: Master Bedroom & Bathroom
-- Brian Patrick Flynn: Bedroom & Bathroom
-- Christian May: Powder Room
-- Potted: Outdoor Terraces
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The Hollywood

6735 Yucca St., Los Angeles, CA 90028