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Poll: LA "Singles" Are Awful, Like Mactresses and Range Rovers

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Santa Monica is the number one place to get laid in greater Los Angeles, apparently. It's not just the number one cheatingest 'hood, either; it's great for singles too! Match polled more than 1,000 of its LA members on their dating habits and preferences and the results are ... pretty embarrassing.

-- A full 43 percent of respondents said "they love meeting potential dates" in Santa Monica. And 46 percent "chose Santa Monica as their favorite neighborhood for dates."

-- Brentwood is apparently the worst place to meet single people. Makes sense.

-- 54 percent of respondents "would avoid taking the 405 highway for a date, and most singles would only date someone within a 30 minute commute." Ok, with you so far.

-- For a "timeless LA date": 33 percent said the Getty is their favorite spot, 27 percent said the Santa Monica Pier, and fewer than 2 percent prefer the Viper Room because they have no idea how to have a good first date and clearly don't know what "timeless" means and they'll probably die alone.

-- For favorite overall date destination: 28 percent want to go to The Grove for dinner, drinks, Frank Sinatra coming out of rocks, and consumerism. A quarter of people like going to the beach in Malibu, which sounds fine. Fewer than 6 percent prefer hiking to the Hollywood Sign, which is probably all right with the neighbors.

-- We're just going to close our eyes and type very fast through this part: men want to date models, actresses, and personal trainers; women want to date "high-powered entertainment executives" and, somewhat oddly, personal chefs. Men want women who drive Civics or Priuses and women want dudes in Range Rovers.
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