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Expo Line's Motor Ave. Bridge Options: Plain, Fancy, Fancier

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Back in July, the construction authority building the Expo Line light rail extension from Culver City to Santa Monica took down the old Motor Avenue rail bridge in Palms. The former one-track bridge once carried trains to the Westside but is clearly not wide enough to carry a two-direction light rail. It's anyone's guess as to what the bridge will look like, but a tipster passes along these possible renderings of the replacement. Builder Skanska Rados appears to have three options for the new bridge. The Motor bridge is just one of many the construction authority is building for the train, including those crossing Venice, National, Sepulveda, Sawtelle, Pico/Gateway, Bundy, Centinela, and Olympic/Cloverfield.
· Motor Avenue Bridge On Its Way Down For Expo Line Extension [Curbed LA]