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Rebecca Gayheart is Suing Billy Corgan Over Wind-Felled Tree

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Ooh, celebrity neighbor war! Nineties celebrity neighbor war! The Noxzema girl (aka Rebecca Gayheart) and McSteamy (aka her husband Eric Dane) are suing Smashing Pumpkins frontman/Beverly Hills Post Office neighbor Billy Corgan over a felled tree--Corgan's eucalyptus fell on Dane and Gayheart's house last fall during those totally insane windstorms. E! has the details on the lawsuit: Dane and Gayheart "allege trespass, nuisance and negligence. In court papers, the Danes claim Corgan ignored warnings that his eucalyptus trees could potentially keel over when hit by powerful Santa Ana winds and failed to address the matter."

Gayheart was nine months pregnant when the tree fell and had to evacuate, "navigat[ing] through a flooding home that was surrounded by 'live high voltage wires.'" And they haven't been able to live in the house since then; repairs are expected to be finished this month. Meanwhile, notorious asshole Corgan "has failed to show any remorse, to reach out to the Danes in any way, to make restitution for the significant damages he caused, or take any measures to remove the remaining improperly maintained and/or rotten eucalyptus trees from the Corgan property," according to the suit. (He did tell ABC News "I was horrified when I learned about the tree falling?Thankfully, no one was injured.")
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