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Long Beach Has Started Creating Quick, Cheap Public Plazas

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Long Beach is racing ahead of Los Angeles in the parklet department--their most recent coup is Park[d] Plaza, which converts part of a parking lot into a public space (and somehow manages to add a parking space in the process). Nonprofit design studio City Fabrick partnered with the city to add "a bright yellow color palette, street furniture, and large stenciled infographics representing facts and data about the neighborhood and development of the new open space" to the 2,250 square foot site in LB's East Village. The LB Post reports that the only thing only cost $6,000 and used about 30 gallons of paint, plus some new chairs and umbrellas. City Fabrick's Brian Ulaszewski says "This is meant be something anyone the in community can do," and he and the city are already scoping out possible next locations.
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