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Honnold & Rex's 1954 Research House With Xorin Balbes Reno

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Arts & Architecture magazine's incredibly important Case Study House program built innovative modern houses all over Southern California (and beyond) throughout the forties, fifties, and sixties. It apparently also spawned some much less well-remembered imitators--Paradise Leased wrote last year about Architectural Products's Research House program, which "started out loftily as a way of experimenting with new materials, products and design methods," but eventually became rather crass, with houses "being used as model homes for the latest Valley subdivision and showcases for the newest in gas ranges and furniture by Barker Bros." The 1954 Research House was built in the first year of the program and designed by Honnold & Rex; it's just hit the market with a major remodel by Xorin Balbes of Temple Home (last seen selling off Lloyd Wright's Sowden House). It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a "completely customizable audio and security system [that] can be controlled from your Smart phone or computer," pool, a "direct access, specially ventilated garage" with "special deionized water ? available for your detailer." Ok, whatever! Asking price is $5.995 million.
· 1514 RISING GLEN RD [John Aaroe Group]
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