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Inside the Very Striking Stanley Kubrick Show at LACMA

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Director Stanley Kubrick created some of the most striking (and most imitated) images in filmdom (Lolita looking over her sunglasses, Slim Pickens riding the bomb, everything in 2001, about half of The Shining, and so on and so forth), so of course the first US retrospective of his work would have to look pretty damn good. LACMA and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are co-hosting the show (in LACMA's Art of the Americas Building); it originated at Frankfurt's Deutches Filmmuseum and has traveled Europe, but this is its first stop here in the States--according to a press release, this version is "dramatically different from the international venues, with exhibition design by film production designer Patti Podesta." The show is also something of a dry run for AMPAS's forthcoming movie museum, which will be housed on LACMA's campus; here's Academy CEO Dawn Hudson: "Stanley Kubrick represents the perfect opportunity to collaborate with LACMA on the presentation of film in a museum setting ... It is a taste of things to come ..."

The retrospective includes Kubrick's early photographs for Look magazine, tons of stuff from his movies, info on never-made films and AI (which Kubrick began but eventually handed off to Steven Spielberg), and scripts and research materials and equipment that show how he worked. ("The interdisciplinary exhibition draws attention to Kubrick's fixation with historical research and his visionary adaptations of influences from the fine arts, design, and architecture," as the press release has it.) There're also art pieces inspired by Kubrick's work. And like that's not enough to eat up, LACMA's also hosting a film series and a bunch of other programs to go with the exhibition. Stanley Kubrick opens Thursday and runs through June 2013.
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