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New Martial Arts Space in Del Rey, Everyone's Riding the Rails

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DEL REY: Cuningham Group Architecture recently unveiled its new work on the Venice Japanese Community Center (which offers "a gathering place and ? a variety of classes and services" for the community), designed to handle an expansion in the center's martial arts program. The just-completed phase one "includes a striking martial arts space constructed with precision concrete masonry, steel, and exposed wood surfaces, and a wide variety of site improvements," according to a press release. Phase two, in the planning stages, will replace a one-story classroom/office building a new two-story masonry building. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES COUNTY: Metro ridership hit record highs in September, with an average of 92,120 weekday boardings for the Blue Line and 31,787 for the newly-extended Orange Line. The newish Expo Line is now above 20,000 average weekday boardings. Overall, the Metro rail system was up 12 percent over the last year. Not coincidentally, gas prices started shooting up last month. [Curbed Inbox]