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Expo Line Still Opposed, Millenium Towers Over Hollywood

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This Week's Top Stories: Curbed exploded this week -- we exploded on the inside, but in a good way -- as renderings of the proposed Millenium towers project next to the Capitol Records building in Hollywood were released. A rumor circulated that the NFL was having doubts about the Farmers Field/AEG plan and considering space in Chavez Ravine next to Dodger Stadium. Moving forward, planning is continuing for rail lines around the region, including building a connection to LAX by 2020. And taking a step backwards, opponents of the Expo Line Phase II have taken their argument to the State Supreme Court to force the light rail line underground. Now on the market, a fixer-upper in Mt. Washington offering great bones and an ok price tag tempted Curbed readers. Stuff is getting smashed up right now at the old Wilshire Grand building Downtown in preparation for the construction of a new 70-story Wilshire Grand building, LA's soon-to-be second tallest tower. The house of the beloved map hoarder in Mt. Washington is now on the market for $450k - it features one bedroom, two baths and will probably be torn down.