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Group of Stray Cats Halt Work on Venice's Lincoln Place Reno

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Just as a huge renovation was about to begin at Venice's Lincoln Place garden apartments, work is on hold until at least next month because developer Aimco has been told it cannot evict a community of stray cats who've been living there while all the tenants were elsewhere (In 2010, Aimco was found to have illegally evicted them and many have recently moved back in). The Stray Cats Alliance took Aimco to court, arguing "that thousands of dollars have been spent feeding, sterilizing and vaccinating the cats," reports the AP--there were originally about 100, but the number's dwindled to about 20 over the last year and a half (that's good). According to an email from a SCA rep, "Aimco posted notices on the property that it intended to begin trapping the cats [on] October 23, and take them to the West L.A. shelter where they would be destroyed within a few days." A judge will consider a preliminary injunction and decide whether the SCA can bring suit on November 9.

Aimco is set to restore the existing 1951 buildings and add 13 new ones (with 99 units) on the 35-acre property; it's already restored four buildings, with 41 left to go. The LA Business Journal has (sub. req.) a little more on the restoration work: the existing buildings'

primary character-defining features, such as the wood-accent siding and façade elements, will be restored while exterior stucco will be patched and repainted. New electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems will be added. The interiors will receive more open floor-plans and be updated with new appliances, tiles and restored hardwood floors. Existing cabinets will be replaced with dark walnut or birch and white cabinets and countertops will be replaced with quartz. The 13 new buildings will be designed to complement the existing structures on the inside and outside. Existing units will be rent-controlled; new units will be market rate.
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Lincoln Place

1077 Elkgrove Ave., Los Angeles, CA