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Metro Board Wants to Get Rail to LAX By the End of Decade

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As LA's subway and light rail network starts to reach more points of interest, there's still that glaring omission: LAX. The Crenshaw Line, about to start construction next year, will get rail closer, but not directly to, the airport. Metro is studying ways to bridge that extra mile to the terminals and, according to The Source, board members at the transit agency are losing their patience with the timeline (and it's not the first time they've aired frustrations on the matter). Right now, a direct connection to the airport isn't scheduled to happen until 2023--and that's only if the Measure J transit tax passes. "Why? Because Metro can't begin its draft environmental study of the project until Los Angeles World Airports, a city agency, completes a specific plan amendment that would include transportation improvements," reports The Source. After hearing this, County Supervisor Don Knabe, who first asked if the connector could open by 2018, introduced and successfully passed a motion asking for a full report on what it would take to complete the project by 2020.

Most people are hoping the LAX connector takes the form of a people mover, akin to the train that connects New York City subway riders to JFK airport. But Gina Marie Lindsey, the executive director of Los Angeles World Airports, which operates LAX, was oblique earlier this month talking to The Planning Report:

So our draft EIR has a general concept of the airport putting an inter-modal transportation facility right around 96th and Lot C, and examines the option of a consolidated rental car facility on Manchester Square. But again, we're talking bubbles here, so it should not be seen as very precise. The airport would connect the ITF to the terminals by building a dedicated, grade-separated busway that could eventually become some sort of automated people mover when airport traffic demand grows.

But that's as detailed as our planning is on the airport side of things. MTA, I think, has narrowed their options down to about four. We're working with them, and I know they would like us to be more granular in our planning.

So, that clears it up, right?
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