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Blue/Expo Pico Station to Be Doubled For DTLA NFL Stadium

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The Metro board signed off yesterday on plans for a big expansion of the Blue/Expo Line Pico station in order to accommodate all the new riders who will come for a future South Park NFL stadium. Farmers Field developer AEG is overhauling the 20 year old station as part of its agreement to build the stadium. The Daily News reports that "Metro staffers said four to five times as many riders are expected to pass through the station if a stadium is built." (The city approved the stadium plan recently, but the NFL will need to sign off, and on top of that, AEG is up for sale.) Right now the station is pretty bare bones--"a simple platform measuring about 13 feet across"--but now Metro is talking about making it into "a first-class station." They plan to add a second platform, which will require them to permanently take out a lane on Flower Street. Architecture firm Johnson Fain has created a conceptual design; work is expected to cost $10 million.
· Metro, AEG agree to expand Pico Boulevard rail station for Farmers Field [LADN]